Some Of The Reasons I Chose Buddhism

I was not brought up in a Buddhist family. I was brought up in a family that followed some Christian values and events but would not call themselves Christians. My parents (I will talk more about my family situation in later posts) were very materialistic. The better off we looked as family - think new cars, expensive holidays, all on credit - the more we could feel 'above' other people. That just never really connected with me. Don't get me wrong I love shopping and really have to work to curb it, but money does don't make one person better than anyone else, I have always thought being nice is important.

'It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice' is definitely my manta.

So with that little bit of background knowledge, I'm going to tell you three reasons why I chose Buddhism.

  • One of the main beliefs is that everything changes, nothing stays this same. This means that certain ideas such as 'no sexual misconduct' can be adapted to anyone at any point in time, anywhere based on what that means to them. Some people may choose to abstain entirely, others it may mean they stay faithful to partners and to others it might mean just being safe and careful. This means that you are never really doing anything 'wrong' and as long as you show love and compassion and don't harm anyone it does not matter. 
  • The focus on love and compassion. This was very important to me. I had quite a difficult time growing up and although I was mostly at peace I was always looking for something else. Buddhism gave me that. Through meditation and reading 'The Little Books' by His Holiness it totally changed the way I see things. I don't hold onto upset or anger, and if I have been hurt by someone, I make a decision. I wish them well, but choose to close that particular door, or I choose to forgive it is that simple. As a result toxic relationships do not exsist in my life. 
  • The acceptance of all people. As Buddhists, we accept all other religions without exception and that makes me very happy. This also stands for all communities. Compassion should not discriminate and this is why I hold my religion so close to my heart. There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia or any other prejudice and that is exactly how it should be. 
Thank you for reading and remember a new post every Saturday.

Helen xx


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