A Few Low Cost Date Night/Day Ideas...

Although there is absolutely no way you could say I hate spending money, but I have recently find a new love for saving. As a result we have been doing more and more cheap bits and pieces for entertainment.

  • Go for a walk - this is a really simple one, but so many people forget about it. There are loads of places you can go and walk, whether that be in the forest and country parks similar to where I live or discovering your local town or city centre. 
  • Galleries and Museums - So many of these have free entry, google your city/town and see where you can go. 
  • Film Night - Grab some popcorn snuggle up on the sofa with loads of cushions and blankets, turn the lights down and watch a romantic film (or horror whatever your prefer). 
  • Go Dancing - Most British legion clubs have a rock'n'roll night on a regular basis and entry is normally only a couple of pounds. Drinks are always cheap and you may also pick up a new skill. 
  • Board Game Night - We all have several board games gathering dust on our selves and if you don't I'm sure a family member does. 
  • Writing Prompts - This is something a little different, take a writing prompt, loads are around on google and each write a short story and then read them out to each other. 

I would love to hear any of your ideas, and have fun dating.

Helen xxx


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